Children five times more exposed to toxic air on school run than other times of day, shocking study shows

Children are five times more exposed to harmful air pollution when travelling to primary schools in London than at any other time of the day, a worrying new study has found. The Evening Standard reports

It also revealed that those who walked to school via backstreets were exposed to the lowest levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution, even less than those travelling in cars and buses. 

Researchers advised that pupils in the capital should avoid using busy roads to walk or cycle to school if they are to reduce their exposure to the toxic air in the city.

More than 250 children aged between six and 11 wore backpacks containing sensors to monitor the air quality on their journey to and from five London primary schools.

They helped collect 490 million measurements from 2,000 journeys for the Breathe London Wearables Study, which was carried out by King’s College London in spring 2019.

The study, funded by the Mayor of London in partnership with C40 Cities, found that children who walked to school along main roads received the highest concentrations of PM2.5 and NO2.

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