Children at pre-school stopped from playing outside after residents complain about playground noise

Crawley News is reporting that children at a local pre-school are not being allowed to use their playground because members of the public have complained about the noise they are making.

Despite having used a section of the car park at Crawley Baptist Church, on Crabtree Road, as a makeshift playground for the past 12 years, a complaint has suddenly been raised against Holly Hedgehog Pre-School for doing so.

This has led to the church having to apply to amend the original planning permission for the car park in the hope that it will be allowed to continue to partition off five of the 51 parking spaces for a short period on the three days a week that the pre-school operates.

While a Crawley Borough Council planning officer has said she does not believe the additional noise is unreasonable, a decision now has to be made by the council’s development control committee because seven letters of objection have been received from five addresses after the planning application was submitted.

Amanda Kelly, manager of the pre-school, does not understand why it has suddenly become an issue.

She said: “We have been here since 2003 and these are two, three and four-year-olds who are not kicking large footballs at windows; they are just small children running around and giggling.

“They are out there for an hour in the morning and up to an hour-and-a-half in the afternoon. It’s not such a great length of time that we’re disturbing anyone.

“You’re always going to get people who are grumpy and don’t like children.”

In March, Holly Hedgehog was inspected by Ofsted, with the education watchdog rating it as “good”, partly because of the way staff made the most of the outdoor area to allow children to play both inside and outside…

More at: Children at Crawley pre-school stopped from playing outside after local residents complain about noise they were making in playground


Seems a bit petty doesn’t it or is that unfair to the residents?


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  1. This is not an isolated incident. Even in schools that have existed
    for generations there are sometimes noise complaints from residents who
    have forgotten what it is to be a child. That’s why Environmental Health
    officers have to tread carefully, investigating a formal complaint
    appropriately and also applying common sense for the greater good.
    Berlin the city government took steps to filter out the moaners from
    the genuine complainants by passing a statute protecting the right of
    the child to make noise when playing.The important thing for
    schools to understand is that 1) it is not against the law for children
    to make a noise when playing – it is their Human Right under UNCRC
    Article 31, and 2) the more you improve the ‘play quality’ of a
    playground, the quieter it will become, as children will become more
    engrossed in their activities and less interested in screaming for fun,
    great though that is!

  2. PaulineAnnP

    SchoolsImprove you have to wonder who was there first. Nevertheless who can ever object to the lovely sound of young children playing

  3. ChouetteWirral

    SchoolsImprove I live next door to school so I know what it’s like! But it’s balls on my head not the racket we hate. Kids need fresh air.

  4. debmobile

    SchoolsImprove FGS the world has gone mad. Nothing lovelier than listening to children playing . Don’t like it then don’t live nr a sch !!!

  5. Timewalkproject

    SchoolsImprove Sarah_May1 an hr in am & 1/2 hr pm 3 days a week. Not exactly a big problem plus been there for several years. #Petty

  6. columbascave

    Otto_English Yep. I can hear our local primary from my back garden & I enjoy it. Don’t understand why people object SchoolsImprove

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