Children as young as four being given transgender lessons which encourage them to explore their ‘gender identities’

The Mail is reporting with apparent concern that children as young as four are receiving lessons at school from what they refer to as ‘transgender campaigners’.

Thousands of pupils have had the controversial classes, in which they are encouraged to explore their ‘gender identities’ and are questioned on what being a transsexual means, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Up to 20 primary schools a year pay for the classes, given by campaigners’ organisation Gendered Intelligence. Parents’ groups have reacted with concern that pupils may be ‘frightened’ by the workshops, while experts warned the lessons may confuse young children.

Gendered Intelligence has confirmed it teaches pupils of all ages in primary schools, from reception class – where children are aged four and five – up to Year Six, where pupils are aged ten and 11. The workshops cost an undisclosed sum and have been available since 2008…

Child psychotherapist Dilys Daws warned: ‘What can get confused is that children who just happen to be unhappy at the moment actually fixing on this being about their gender, when it might be to do with the relationship with a parent.’

Margaret Morrissey, of pressure group Parents Outloud, said four and five-year-olds were ‘far, far too young’ to receive the lessons. She added: ‘We’re in danger of frightening children and making them feel they ought to feel like this.’

Mr Stewart said: ‘It’s so important to be teaching children in schools that they can be anything that they want regardless of the gender that they have been given at birth.

‘Gendered Intelligence delivers age-appropriate workshops and assemblies by working closely with the senior leadership teams of each of the schools we work with. We are proud of this work and feedback is always incredibly positive…

More at: Children as young as FOUR being given transgender lessons which encourage them to explore their ‘gender identities’


The feedback from the teacher and head teacher quoted in the full article seems to be positive but do those object to these sessions being given to children as young as four and five have a valid argument?

Please let us know why/why not in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Busy Mum

    Mr Stewart, whoever he may be said ‘‘It’s so important to be teaching children in schools that they can be anything that they want regardless of the gender that they have been given at birth’.

    No, children cannot be anything they want to be. They might all want to go to the moon, they might all want to be doctors, they might all want to be racing car drivers…your gender will not stop you but it is important that children understand that so many of the aspirations which teachers encourage are totally unrealistic and unachievable due to practical realities and limited resources.

  2. NurtureMyBaby

    SchoolsImprove there is no decent definition of “gender identity” certainly not one that is backed up by science. These lessons concern me.

  3. NurtureMyBaby

    SchoolsImprove there is no decent definition of “gender identity” certainly not one that is backed up by science. These lessons concern me.

  4. Busy Mum

    No doubt these four-year-olds will contribute to a further ‘upswing’ in children reporting to psychiatric clincs as reported on this site the other day

  5. AliJeanBatts

    No one should be teaching children that a person can change their sex, because it’s a lie. Entrenching gender always harms children, with girls believing they can’t do ‘adventurous’ things because only boys do that, etc. There is absolutely no science to back this up and nothing to show that the drugs to stop puberty and those to induce some of the secondary characteristics of the opposite sex are safe. We are experimenting on our children if we allow this.

  6. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Count pupils. Count those who say they are girls, ditto boys. If total of second two = first, pass on to something important

  7. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Very disturbing for kids….and subtly teaches them to question their normal natural healthy gender identity. No Thanks!

  8. JackAsh

    It’s a really unhelpful and salacious article. Our son six is no way confused of his gender. He knows Trans* and genderqueer/non binary children & adults. He is able to use he, she, them and they as pronouns. Evidence also shows that most children who question their gender end up in there bio gender. You can’t make someone Trans* by teaching them about it. Like you can’t change a child’s sexuality by teaching them about LGB people.

  9. Busy Mum

    JackAsh Yet the higher (and  increasing) number of 16-24 year olds, relative to older age groups,  ‘identifying’ as LGBTQI…..XYZ etc would suggest that teaching children about these tiny minorities does indeed encourage children to change their own sexual behaviour. Added to which, the fact that this is the stated aim of the LGBT lobby means that the lobby itself believes that teaching children about it will change their ‘sexuality’.

  10. pleasethink

    Gender is another word for stereotypes – “girls can’t do science, girls can’t throw, girls all like pink” 
    A girl who doesn’t match these stereotypes is NOT a boy. She is a very ordinary girl, with what is most likely a mix of ordinary human likes/dislikes and personality traits. Likewise, boys playing with dolls (or whatever) – still boys.

    That this gender group are trying to force what is a range of normal human interests into one of two sets of stereoptypes, with surgery and hormonal drug treatment no less is appalling.  Let kids be kids, dressing up, climbing trees, being noisy, being quiet. It’s called being human, no need for surgical or chemical intervention at all.

  11. nel

    I absolutely do not want my children to be confronted with this topic in school. they had more than enough of it at home when they were small. they have a well informed gender critical parent who doesnt buy into the jenner/maloney type narrative because we’ve lived it and we are all still struggling to come to terms with the ongoing consequences and continue to face the struggles he gets to walk away from. what have radical surgeries got to do with expressing your ‘true self’? if it were true, whats the surgery for?
    i think these activists are a very real menace to all gender non conforming children, some of which attend my childs school perfectly happily and might be vulnerable to the suggestion that it is possible to be whatever sex you say you are by undertaking the non medical (cosmetic) removal of healthy, functional organs, a lifetime of risky and expensive ‘corrective’ surgeries, destroying function in favour of form, and opting to depend on exogenous cross sex hormones forever… what a great idea. who wouldnt want that for their GNC children?
    i have watched my own and my elder daughters GNC peers grow into well adjusted adults of all persuasions – none of them are trans, though they might well be labelled as such now, and dragged off to the doctors.. fortunately, they all experienced a childhood of being who they were without anyone taking much notice of what colour toys they chose to play with. or the occasional heartfelt plea to be a monkey, princess, the lone ranger.. or the opposite sex.  Their families, schools and communities didnt pathologise GNC behaviours or exploration or suggest to them that liking stereotypically girl things meant they must actually be a girl… ergo penis must go asap…. or that there was anything wrong with a girl who rejects ‘girlishness’,exclusively prefers ‘boys’ things and expresses androgynously. i dread to think what might have happened had they been indoctrinated by these people at school, without parental consent at such a young age.. 4 year olds might have been talking for a couple of years, and capable of holding a convincing dialogue, but it doesnt mean they understand .. now thank god, they are adults and perfectly capable of making those decisions for themselves should they wish, but i dont think any of them are working on it.. they seem as fine as any of us can hope to be with who we are.

  12. Alternate Reality

    Kids do become confused by these classes. Children don’t have the necessary logic and facts to think rationally. My daughter is an example of someone I expected not to be gullible enough to buy into believing she was transgender. Sad to say I was wrong.
    I dont wish this experience on anyone. It is no picnic.

  13. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove Schools should be wary about trespassing on the domain of parenting and understand parental partnership better

  14. rosierose

    I tend to agree. However I think it is important for the children who are not supported at home to hear.
    My sister dressed as a boy for about 6 years, she is not gay or trans now.
    However if she was in a unsupportive home she may have spent all thst time feeling alone, and potentially waiting to dress as a man as an adult with shame attached.
    I see now harm in teaching children people like this exist, I was at school with a girl with bad autism,she left for a specail school when we where 10. But I certainly learned a lot from my friendship with her, and am much more comfortable with disabilities as a result.
    My point being inclusion is an education that prepars for real life.

  15. rosierose

    I.doubt this very much. I watched a louis tharrou documentary with my son who is 6.
    He found it a bit boring towards the end. The only thing he said was but they still have man’s voices.
    I was glad we did it though because a few weeks later his male friend of 4 said he wanted to do ballet he made mean comments.
    I was able afterwards to say look right now he thinks he wants to be a girl can we not make fun.
    And he hasnt since, it was a good background to teaching him tolerance.

  16. rosierose

    This I totally agree with, I have real issue with the sexism of transgenerism.
    My sister dressed as a boy for 6 years, it meant nothing.
    Im better at boy stuff(diy) tham she is now.
    I think non binarism is fine, but also was easier even 20 years ago to be this way as a child not all toys where engendered.
    Thatsaid if I child is going to grow up in a world with transgenderism not mentioning it in the classroom will only help maintain shame and intolerance.

  17. WendyLisaGibbons

    I want my school to teach my childen they can be whatever they want to be, despite their “gender”, not reinforcing that “gender” is someting real that needs pandering to.

  18. WendyLisaGibbons

    pleasethink yes, lets teach children you need to go down a complicated medical route just to like “boy” things, far better than teaching them they can like/wear  whatever they like irrespective of the stupid sterotypes.

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