Chemistry teacher filmed setting classroom floor on fire in experiment

The Mirror is reporting on a chemistry teacher who wowed his students by setting the classroom floor alight…

…The clip, which was uploaded to YouTube by MuzGTG, featured the caption: “Chemistry lesson with a lot of fire”, and has racked up more than 14,000 views.

It is not clear which school the science experiment was filmed in.

In a discussion on Reddit, some users believed the teacher was using liquid methane in his experiment.

But while some viewers were impressed by the teacher’s demonstration , others were not convinced.

One wrote: “Putting a flame right under students like that is shockingly irresponsible and stupid…”

The clip comes after a teacher’s physics experiment when disastrously wrong when he smashed an axe into the crotch of an unsuspecting volunteer…

More at: Chemistry teacher filmed setting classroom floor on fire in risky ‘liquid methane’ experiment


The chemistry one is pretty cool and doesn’t seem that irresponsible to me – what do you think – but the second one? Oooooooouuuuucccchhhh!!! (although the comments suggest it was a teaching assistant and he was ok afterwards).

How far should teachers go to engage their students in science lessons? And any demonstrations gone wrong you are prepared to admit to? I know my classmates in A level chemistry nearly set the lab on fire one day which provided much merriment for years to come (but with hindsight was probably quite dangerous)!


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  1. WhotsWot

    SchoolsImprove ours did this to her desk, neglected to tell me, I jumped up to get fire blanket & raise alarm, feeling valued as a LSA U0001f615

  2. Jonesboy110

    SchoolsImprove There is too much effort being put in to ‘Exploding Science’; there are many ways to engage kids that don’t require danger.

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