‘Cheating’ scandal: Teachers shift blame to exam boards

The Telegraph reports that teachers risk being placed in an “impossible position” when setting tests in the subjects they teach, Britain’s most prestigious private schools have warned amid a row with exam boards over cheating. 

For the first time, leading headteachers have urged exam boards to introduce stricter safeguards after admitting some teachers are “tempted to give their pupils too much help”.

It is thought that staff at top private schools may be over represented on exam boards – which devise the questions – as they are some of the leading experts in their subjects in the country.

Mr King, who represents the leading private schools in the country, added that the issue had “concerned” headteachers “for some time”. He added that an urgent meeting had been brought forward to seek assurances from exam boards that “sufficient safeguards are in place”.

The recent controversies have prompted fears among headteachers that other academics may be engaged in malpractice, which could cause serious reputational damage to the schools implicated and result in students affected having their marks voided

Education experts have called for ministers to ban teachers from setting exams while teaching the same subject, which often allows them to supplement their income and bolster their CVs.

Neil Sheldon, who has been an examiner for more than 40 years, said: “Right at the beginning it was certainly the case that the majority of those involved in setting and monitoring exam papers were university people.

“But that has dwindled to virtually nothing and now virtually everyone is teachers. Who else would do it?

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  1. Sub Rosa

    Agree entirely with wasateacher. One aspect that has received little attention is that St Olave’s is a Church of England voluntary aided school complete with a dog collar laden governing body. In pursuit of an elitism that is inimical to Christian values, the behaviour of this school towards some of its pupils has been not only unlawful but also extraordinarily cruel. What on earth does the Church think it has been doing?

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