CCTV used to ‘spy’ on teachers, union warns

The TES is reporting warnings from the NASUWT conference that teachers are increasingly concerned about the use of CCTV and video equipment to “spy on” their lessons…

A survey of 1,476 teachers by the NASUWT union found that 8 per cent had CCTV in their classroom.

Of those teachers that had CCTV, 87 per cent said they could not switch it off and 84 per cent said it was constantly recording.

Sixty-three per cent of those that had CCTV said it was introduced “because of pupil safety” and 52 per cent said it was for staff safety. Seven per cent said it was to monitor teacher performance.

The NASUWT has described the use of CCTV to monitor teachers as “professionally demeaning”. 

One respondent to the survey said evidence from CCTV had been used against them after they restrained a student who had assaulted them.

Another said a private conversation in the staff pigeon-hole room had been recorded, after which a member of staff was “hauled in front of the head teacher” about the conversation…

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Tricky one this – we’ve been hearing about how many teachers are facing abuse from pupils and how teachers fear becoming the victims of false allegations – but surely the presence of CCTV can help protect against both these scenarios? Is that a price worth paying?

It is, after all, common these days for CCTV to be present in all sorts of workplaces – especially those where there is a danger of abuse or assault. 

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove In an age of PRP & “no win no fee” CCTV will mainly be there for evidence either way. Depends who uses it as to who benefits

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