CBI chief warns over poor careers advice in schools

Careers advice is on “life support” in many schools in England with teenagers having little knowledge of the workplace, the head of the CBI claims. This is from the BBC…

John Cridland says careers guidance must improve for young people faced with a rapidly changing labour market.

Mr Cridland is critical of a government move which saw schools take over the duty to secure independent careers guidance for pupils from last autumn.

The government says schools should decide what is right for their pupils.

Speaking at the Grammar School Heads’ Association annual conference, the CBI director general said it was clear the careers advice system had not worked for employers or students for many years.

Young people were hit by a “double whammy” of slow economic growth and a rapidly changing labour market, said Mr Cridland.

“A job for life has been and long gone – today’s jobs market is much more complex. Young people need reliable, high-quality advice but the system is too dependent on individual teachers or it’s left to family and friends to try and pick up the pieces – that’s simply not good enough.

“We know careers advice is on life support in many areas, as schools struggle with the new statutory duty. It’s right that schools should have the freedom to run their own affairs – but the government may have adopted too laissez-faire an approach with serious consequences for our young people.

“Careers must be a priority not a bolt-on afterthought or optional extra. It’s clear the National Careers Service is needed in schools.

“Young people need its brand of informed face-to-face advice, as well as needing to be better targeted, more actively online, through social media channels.”

More at:  CBI chief warns over poor careers advice

This is the latest in a number of recent articles criticising the provision of careers advice currently available. If there was one thing you could change about careers provision what would it be? Please share in the comments below, on Twitter or by using this form 

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  1. AnnaPalmer74

    SchoolsImprove Because schools lost all post 16 provision in national cuts and academies can’t afford ‘but in’ services.

  2. andrew_1910

    SchoolsImprove You can’t improve it. Now it’s down to schools, all impartiality replaced by “stay on into sixth form”.

  3. CareersDefender

    SchoolsImprove this is what I’d do. My blog from last week, from a school teacher on the ground

  4. Mktadvice4schls

    SchoolsImprove how about a national network of careers advisors that gives personal advice. We could call it umm… Connexions?

  5. peterlynch11

    SchoolsImprove need some help, looking for a questionnaire for parents and students about independent learning/ h’work.

      • peterlynch11

        SchoolsImprove peterlynch11 a questionnaire on perception&value of homelearning by parents &students-investigate independent learning

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