Cash-strapped schools consider introducing four-day week

The Guardian is reporting that some schools in West Sussex are considering modifying school hours in an attempt to cut costs.

Schools in West Sussex are warning they may have no option but to cut their hours – even floating the idea of a four-day week – unless they are given emergency financial help from the government.

After years of underfunding, headteachers in every primary, secondary and special school in the county have written to parents saying all the obvious cuts to school spending have already been made. Now they are considering “modifying school hours” as a last-ditch attempt to cut costs.

School leaders in West Sussex – and other underfunded counties – were pinning their hopes on the government’s new national funding formula for schools, which was due to be introduced next year, to address historic inequities in the system.

But that was delayed in the wake of the Brexit vote and now headteachers in West Sussex say they need a £20m emergency injection of funds next April to tide them over.

“It’s not a place we really want to go,” said Peter Woodman, headteacher of the Weald school in Billingshurst. “But we are considering all the options and that’s one option we have to consider. If we are trying to save money there are limited things we can do.”

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  1. rycarbin

    SchoolsImprove And they say the education system is working fine! Its failing and failing hard. Govt have broken it beyond belief.

  2. gov2

    On a positive note, it’s only delayed by one year.  Mr Gove delayed it by three, which stretched to become five.

  3. Ministers’ response to the looming funding crisis is to bung a few million quid to a few projects: opportunity zones, grants to a small number of academy chains to spread government-sanctioned maths teaching, bungs to grammars to help spread selection.  And the latter, of course, is an attempt to divert attention from not just the funding crisis but from other icebergs which HMS English State Education is likely to crash into.

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