Careers education in ‘desperate need’ of more funding, union warns

The TES is reporting that Mary Bousted, general secretary of the Association of teachers and lecturers (ATL) has warned that careers advice in schools needs more funding and greater support from employers.

…Today she was due to tell the Commons sub-committee on education, skills and the economy that there were too few quality apprenticeships and that employers needed to provide more work experience to young people.

Dr Bousted was expected to say: “In the gap left after the coalition disbanded the Connexions service, careers advice has fragmented which has made it impossible for teachers to know where to turn to get good advice for young people.

“Teachers desperately want to be able to provide the best advice, but, although the government made it a statutory requirement for schools to provide impartial careers education, information, advice and guidance, it has not provided funding for the specialists needed to coordinate this.”…

She was to say: “Young people should have a right to have work experience and proper funding to enable them to find out about all opportunities, including those outside their local area. This is particularly important in rural and coastal areas where employment opportunities may be limited.

“Schools and colleges do, however, need more help from employers. We want work experience to be compulsory for 16-18 year-olds, and this will require employers to provide good quality placements.”

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We hear from many different perspectives that careers education is not really working at the moment.

Is it as simple (or difficult, depending on your perspective) as providing funding for specialists?

Please give us your insights in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Mirror_Assembly

    Is it Careers Education that is needed or regular 1-1 coaching sessions to fully develop aspirations as per the old 2020 Vision Children’s Champion idea? Our young people need a less blinkered experience of education and life outside schools in order to make effective and productive career decisions.

  2. The Coalition destroyed the flimsy transition into work by vandalising work experience. What was and is needed is a robust structure around transition, there is no need for extra funding either, there are enough organisations out there linking careers to employers and not charging schools. Whats missing is the mindset in schools that there is a worthwhile life outside FE/HE for young people. free careers and a route into traineeships and apprenticeships

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