Careers advice warning by school inspectors Estyn

The BBC is reporting that school inspectors are claiming careers advice for pupils in Wales is out of date, too generic and comes too late, especially for those leaving aged 16…

They found only a few schools offered all pupils one-to-one careers advice before choosing and after taking GCSEs.

It was the weakest area of learning support for 14 to 16-year-olds, according to a report by Estyn…

The inspectors looked at learner support at a cross-section of 20 secondary schools throughout Wales, especially for less academic youngsters or those with problems affecting their schooling.

Positive findings included:

  • Improved attendance, especially in deprived areas
  • More pupils staying in education or training after 16
  • Fewer pupils being excluded

However, chief inspector Ann Keane said more could be done to improve exam passes and careers advice.

She said: “Around half of pupils still do not achieve a good GCSE in English/Welsh or mathematics, so schools need to focus more on improving attainment.

“I also urge schools to develop the quality of their careers guidance to take into account individual needs.

“Year 9 (age 14) is a crucial time in a pupil’s life and they are not receiving advice early enough.

“Schools should be encouraging pupils to talk about their aspirations and hopes so that they can make informed decisions about their own futures.”

The report said schools may have been slow to respond to changes in the operation of Careers Wales, which no longer sets up work experience placements or one-to-one careers interviews for all pupils…

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It sounds like a similar situation to that in England where the Connexions service was removed and responsibility passed onto schools? Is that a fair assessment? Can schools provide effective careers advice? Please give us your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. RichardSNorman

    SchoolsImprove In my experience there is very little advice for children who are struggling academically. This must change & quickly.

  2. RichardSNorman

    SchoolsImprove I heard from a head teacher, that some children are influenced to stay on at 16 for the school to gain more funding.

  3. RichardSNorman

    SchoolsImprove Why not bring in more SME business leaders in to schools to ensure that young adults get all the choices that are available?

  4. RichardSNorman

    SchoolsImprove For a large percentage of young people, the apprenticeship route will be the most beneficial in both the short & long term.

  5. esioul

    RichardSNorman SchoolsImprove I have to completely agree, too many students feel the pressure to go to Uni, even if it’s not the right fit

  6. ruthaxall

    RichardSNorman brandyorkshire SchoolsImprove apprenticeships will be best route, but only if companies employ long term & train them well

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