What can a STEM Ambassador offer your students?

My journey into STEM has been a bit of a random one, but it’s a direction I don’t regret taking. Amanda Soundararaj writes in Teachwire

If you’d told my younger self that I would one day have a successful career in construction with aviation and would drive the length of both runways at Heathrow, I probably would’ve laughed at you.

By becoming a STEM ambassador I can promote what great opportunities construction can offer young people today, even if it’s something they’ve never considered – because it certainly wasn’t what I saw as the career for me at age 16.

Being a STEM Ambassador is a privilege. Although sometimes it can be challenging, the rewards of interacting with young people, and potentially influencing their future careers and life, are immeasurable. The dilemma for me is how we demonstrate to the millennial child the lifelong benefits and opportunities the construction industry and STEM can offer.

Inviting STEM Ambassadors into schools provides students with real examples of careers and jobs that they may not even have known existed otherwise.

We want to help you bring the curriculum to life and to show young people that what they’re learning is actually relevant in the ‘real world’, not just the classroom.

There is no hidden agenda for us; we just do it for the warm and fuzzy feeling! If we can influence or make a difference in one young person’s life and lead them to a successful STEM career, then the time we invest will have been well worth it.

STEM Ambassadors are people from a range of disciplines and backgrounds, including engineers, designers, architects, scientists and technicians, who represent an important, exciting, and free resource for teachers and others engaging with young people inside and out of the classroom.

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