Campaign calls for staggered school holidays

The TES is reporting that a new campaign by TimeAway is calling for school holidays to be staggered across the country, making holidays more affordable for parents.

The #ChangeSchoolTermDates campaign argues that, if demand for flights and hotel rooms is spread across a broader time span, then the cost will be reduced.

“We want to empower parents and schools to decide themselves what works best,” the campaign’s organisers said.

“Centralised school-holiday scheduling, combined with fines for unauthorised absences, is unfair on parents. It’s driving a wedge between schools and families. Families and those who work in schools have to shoulder the burden of price hikes associated with peak-time travel,” they added.

The campaign has been backed by travel agents’ association ABTA. In a poll of ABTA members, 85 per cent supported staggering school term dates by region.

More at: Campaign calls for staggered school holidays

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  1. Anna

    The time away campaign is dangerous and will cost teachers in childcare. I already have staff with children in different authorities and six weeks of their hols are different.

    • Janet Downs

      High season, when prices are much higher, will just be extended to accommodate the staggered schools holidays. Win-win for the travel industry – not so win-win for everyone else.

    • Janet Downs

      ABTA seems unaware that academies can choose their own term times. This would make region-wide school terms unenforceable.

  2. Freedom over when holidays are will have a massive impact on families arranging to see one another as holidays will be at different times. Surely this is more important than a slightly cheaper holiday (if they do in fact exist?!)

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