Campaign calls for children’s ‘right to be forgotten’ online

The BBC is reporting that a campaign has launched to promote the idea that children should have a ‘right to be forgotten’ and be able to delete their online past.

Called “iRights”, its proposals include the right for young people to be able to easily edit or delete content they have created online.

Baroness Shields, the UK’s Minister for Internet Safety and Security, is backing the move.

A report by the Children’s Commissioner for England examining the rights will be published by the end of the year.

The iRights framework is intended to inspire businesses to work with the government on better protecting and empowering young people in terms of their online activity.

As well as supporting children’s “right to be forgotten”, iRights says young people have a right to digital literacy and should be well informed about how their data might be used.

A host of companies and charities, including Barclays bank, the NSPCC and law firm Schillings, have signed up to the campaign.

Baroness Shields said, “iRights gives a unique insight into how government can join with technology companies, civil society and business to make a better digital world for young people.

“We are using iRights in education, business and in our own services and digital communications…”

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Learn more at the iRights website


This sounds like a very useful move both to help improve digital literacy and ensure young people have an accessible route to either remove content they have created or correct/dispute content that refers to them.

Any concerns that it might make them less cautious about posting inappropriate content in the first place?

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Should it be easier for children to edit or remove content they have put online?


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