Cameron urges schools to nurture the next generation Richard Bransons and Karren Bradys

The Mail is reporting that David Cameron has said children must be taught how to make a profit if the country is to generate a new generation of entrepreneurs…

The Prime Minister said schools should do more to develop the future Richard Bransons and Karren Bradys, adding that he wanted to see business leaders visiting schools to share their knowledge.

Speaking to the Institute of Directors magazine he said: ‘Children need to know how money is made, about turning over a profit, about working in a team. The future Richard Bransons and Karren Bradys are out there.

‘We need to bring alive their ambition by showing them what they can do – and our top business people will do just that by sharing their own stories and passing on their hard-won knowledge…’

More at: Teach children how to make a profit, says PM: Cameron urges schools to nurture the next generation Richard Bransons and Karren Bradys


Do schools do enough to encourage interest in business and enterprise amongst students? Do businesses and entrepreneurs do enough to get involved? Let us know your reactions to the prime minister’s comments…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove His party’s (and Labour’s) policies have meant education is now regimented & inflexible which will discourage entrepreneurs

  2. brighton118

    SchoolsImprove – Hmm – why did they slash funding for so many local EBP’s then ? I used to introduce many businesses to work in schools 🙁

  3. Nor_edu

    brighton118 SchoolsImprove andylutwyche just another meaningless soundbite. At this rate we’ll have so mny lssns schl wll last 15 hrs pd!

  4. artmadnana

    SchoolsImprove and this is why political influence should be kept out of schools. Education shd not be about how much money you can make.

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