Cameron attacks school ‘mediocrity’ and suggests RI schools could be forced to become academies

The BBC is reporting that almost 3,500 schools in England rated as “requiring improvement” face being forced into new leadership, under plans to be announced by David Cameron…

He will promise that if the Tories win the May general election they will tackle “coasting” schools that are failing to make sufficient progress…

The prime minister’s proposals will see a further upward push on standards – focusing on schools with the Ofsted rating of “requires improvement”.

They would face having new leadership from “superheads”, high-achieving local schools or by being taken over by academy trusts. Struggling academies could be switched to other academy sponsors…

Almost a quarter of secondary schools, about 720 schools, are rated as requiring improvement. About 16% of primary, more than 2,600 schools, would be affected by the proposals.

The intention is to “raise the bar” so that an even higher proportion of pupils are in good or outstanding schools.

“No-one wants their child to go to a failing school and no-one wants to them to go to a coasting school either,” Mr Cameron will say, in a speech setting out Conservative education policy.

“‘Just enough’ is not good enough. That means no more sink schools and no more ‘bog standard’ schools either.

“Our aim is this: the best start in life for every child, wherever they’re from – no excuses.”

The proposals to be announced on Monday would mean that schools rated as requiring improvement would automatically be considered for academy status.

Only schools able to prove they have a “clear plan for rapid improvement” will remain under their existing leadership…

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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove What about academies that are RI? Will they be forced to become free schools & free schools in RI to go to LA? Utter drivel

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove I fear that there will be many more idiotic announcements in the lead up to May. Trouble all parties as guilty as each other

  3. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Where are govt going to magic up these “superheads”? Not enough “normal” heads and many “supers” in legal hot water!!!

  4. Janet2

    Cameron’s obviously not read latest Ed Sec Committee report (or he’s deliberately ignoring it).  Academies, most ‘resource intensive’ of DfE initiatives, is NOT a magic bullet.  DfE should stop hyping up superiority of academy structure, the Committee said.  For brief summary of what the Committee said, read:

  5. Headteacher

    Nobody can argue against  tackling mediocrity in schools, however by the time the Tories have finished off all of the fantastic school leaders who work tirelessly every day to try and improve outcomes for some of our most disadvantaged children (realistically these are the schools that face the most significant challenges and throwing money at the problem does not solve it quickly!) they’ll be no-one left to turn these ‘failing’ schools around. Absolute madness! Last one out please turn off the lights!

  6. Janet2

    Headteacher But the ‘failing’ schools will be ripe for academy conversion sponsored by Multi-Academy Trusts headed by ‘executive principals’ who rarely set foot in the classroom.  And the trustees can siphon off taxpayers’ money to companies linked to trustees.  As you say, ‘absolute madness’.

  7. diasporahighsch

    SchoolsImprove Endearing as always! Typical reaction from one who doesn’t understand what makes schools work. Support by investing in schls

  8. diasporahighsch

    SchoolsImprove The word ‘academy’ is not synonymous with success! Give back LAs the revenue to invest in and monitor their schools.

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