Cameras capture burglar going on Halloween rampage in Northern Ireland school

The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that a primary school in Northern Ireland has captured and shared CCTV footage of a break in on its Facebook page.

These are the shocking Halloween night CCTV images of a burglar causing senseless destruction as he went on the rampage inside a Co Armagh primary school.

Defiant staff at Carrick Primary School in Lurgan’s Sloan Avenue said last night they had already cleaned up and the doors will be open today for the second half of term.

The school cameras captured the raid at 7pm on Saturday and a school Facebook video appeal for the public to get in touch with police to identify the culprit had last night been viewed by more than 23,000 people.

The raider could be seen ransacking parts of the school in an apparent search for cash as he kicked and forced in doors. 

One door was knocked completely smashed off its hinges.

A school spokesman said on Sunday: “Staff have already been in today to clean up the mess and the window has been boarded up. We appreciate all the support and messages. School will be open as usual tomorrow as we do not want your children’s education to suffer because of this awful incident…”

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Clearly a man on a mission but let’s hope someone can recognise him by the way he walks…


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