Cambridge sees slight rise in state school students

The BBC is reporting new figures that suggest the proportion of state school pupils admitted to Cambridge University rose slightly last year to 62.2%…

A record 16,752 people applied to start undergraduate degrees at Cambridge last October and 3,448 gained places.

The proportion from state schools rose by less than 1% from 61.4% in 2013…

The overwhelming majority (97.3%) of successful applicants gained at least an A* and two A grades at A-level, said the university – up from 96.8% in 2013.

The university’s target, agreed with the Office for Fair Access to higher education in England (Offa), is to admit between 61% and 63% of students from state schools.

The university says its commitment to outreach work in schools and a transparent admissions system based on academic attainment have helped it meet this target…

In April similar statistics from Oxford University showed the proportion of successful applicants from state schools was 56.3%, slightly down from 56.8% in 2013…

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The report points out that only 14% of UK schoolchildren go to private schools in the sixth form (and just 7% pre-sixth form), so the fact nearly 40% of the Cambridge places go to privately educated students show they still have a much higher likelihood of getting in.

However, this appears to be a move in the right direction from Cambridge and puts them in the upper half of their target from OFFA so they appear to be doing something right.

Also, at least on the evidence of these figures, they are pulling away from Oxford slightly in terms of state school access.

Have you noticed anything Cambridge University is doing that is having an impact in encouraging state school students to apply there? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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