Call for maximum temperature in UK classrooms

The Telegraph reports that the heating should be turned down in classrooms to stop teachers and children getting tired, the largest education union in the UK has said. The National Education Union (NEU) believes that being too hot can lead to staff and children suffering from fatigue and ill health.

Currently there are regulations in place to ensure that classrooms are not too cold, however no maximum temperature exists. 

The union recommends that a maximum temperature of 26 degrees celsius would be acceptable. 

Kevin Courtney, joint general secretary of the NEU, said: “High temperatures in schools affect the ability of pupils, teachers and staff to concentrate and work effectively and can lead to tiredness, fatigue and ill health.”

The plea follows fresh calls from the Educational Institute of Scotland (EIS) to impose a similar guideline north of the border.  

EIS general secretary Larry Flanagan said: “School classrooms are not just accommodation; they are learning environments each requiring their own specific temperatures.

“Schools sometimes send pupils home when the school is too cold – but we also need to be aware of the potential risk of classrooms being too hot for pupils and teachers to work in safely.”

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  1. Would that be before or after replacing all the crumbling buildings with better ones that allow such temperature control during hot weather?

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