Call for naked art classes to benefit children in UK schools

According to The Telegraph, campaigners have called for nude art classes in schools to improve body image issues caused by social media, and teachers will decide if children can take part.

Artists want models to disrobe for young people and display the unfiltered human form, counteracting distortions of shape, size, and normality young people receive online.

The Department for Education would not stop schools exposing pupils to nude models in art classes, leaving decisions on age-appropriateness to the judgement of teachers.

It is argued that the naked human form is not inherently sexual, and life drawing is mistakenly seen as lewd. Campaigners believe children can handle the practice without hang-ups, and can safely benefit from early introduction to nudity with only a few giggles.

Read full article here Call for naked art classes to benefit children in UK schools

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  1. Robert Young

    Oh well – there might be a few retired teachers out there keen to earn a bob or two – all for the cause of art education!

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