Call for DfE exclusions review to help adopted pupils

According to TES, Adoption UK has called for the Timpson review of school exclusions to look at the position of adopted children, who it said were disproportionately affected by being removed from schools.

It said around half of children excluded from schools had special needs and adopted children were over-represented in this group.

Official exclusions might be “only be the tip of the iceberg”, it said as 12 per cent of adopters said they were told the only way for their child to avoid exclusion was to change school.

According to Adoption UK, adopted children are:

• Five times more likely than other children to be temporarily excluded from school.

• Twenty times more likely to be permanently excluded.

The charity also wants Mr Timpson to support the inclusion in initial teacher training of attachment and trauma-informed training looking at the specific needs of looked after and adopted children. It says that this should carry on into continuing professional development.

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