Burglars steal 31 Apple laptops worth £21k from school

The BBC is reporting that thieves broke into a Rochdale school and stole 31 laptops with a combined value of more than £21,000…

The burglary happened at Our Lady and St Pauls Infant School in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, at about 01:00 BST on Thursday.

Police are yet to make any arrests after the MacBook computers – which cost £700 each – were taken.

Children are due to return to the Roman Catholic primary school on Monday.

PC Nicola Evans, of Greater Manchester Police, said: “They will be very sad to hear their laptops have been stolen and because of the significant cost, they are not easily replaceable.

“I would urge anyone who has been sold a MacBook in the area or has any information about the stolen property to contact police immediately.”…

More at: Rochdale school burglars steal 31 laptops worth £21k


Here we go again. I guess in the overall scheme of things, the number of burglaries is very small, but the amount of desirable tech devices now kept in schools does seem to be making them targets for break-ins like this. How easy is it to have technology and keep its use easy, while at the same time keeping it secure out of hours? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. FreeL4S

    SchoolsImprove Do you have a contact at the school, I may be able to help them out with a couple of laptops to get them up & running

  2. StephenDrew72

    SchoolsImprove Those who steal from schools are the scum of the earth. Stealing children’s learning? I have no compassion for such people.

  3. SugaredPill

    StephenDrew72 SchoolsImprove delightful isn’t it?! Someone even stole most of the roof above our reception classroom #Unbelievable

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