Bullied girl found dead after telling of tomboy jibes online

A ‘tomboy’ schoolgirl who talked online about being bullied at school has been found dead. This is from the Daily Mail

Sinead Taylor, 15, was driven to suicide after enduring abuse from bullies throughout primary and secondary school, according to friends.

In a nine-minute video diary posted online just two months ago Sinead, an aspiring dancer from Kidbrooke, south-east London, spoke of her battle with the bullies.

‘There was some boy who didn’t like me because I used to hang around with the boys,’ she said.

‘He always used to put me down. I can’t even remember what he said, but he just made me feel so awful that I just wanted to go home and cry – and back then I never used to cry.

‘People used to call me a lesbian or bisexual and they would accuse me of looking at them while they were getting changed, like they wouldn’t want to get changed in front of me.’

The teenager said she resorted to self-harming, saying she cut herself ‘every night before I went to bed’ but issued a defiant message to bullies.

‘Self-harming doesn’t help, it just makes it worse, committing suicide makes it worse, doing anything to harm yourself is worse and I have noticed that,’ she said.

‘You have just got to stand up to them and be like, “Look, this is who I am, take me for who I am or not at all.” You really don’t need pathetic girls in your life. They’re not worth it.’

…Police would not reveal the circumstances surrounding her death, saying only that the body of a 15-year-old girl was found at an address in Woolwich and the death was being treated as ‘non- suspicious’.

…Nicola Caulfield, 40, the mother of one of Sinead’s friends, Chloe, 14, said both girls had been the victims of ‘jealous’ bullies.

‘I think there would have been a lot of jealousy, as Sinead was very talented,’ she said.

‘Bullying isn’t left in the playground now, like it was in my day.

Now there is Instagram, Twitter, all this social networking. It’s about time the authorities started to prosecute the bullies.’

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Another very sad story which perhaps indicates how difficult it can be for victims of bullying to escape from the abuse they are receiving because of the added influence of social media. Please share in the comments any resources you would recommend for teenagers who are suffering, their parents or their teachers…

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  1. ZCMRock

    SchoolsImprove may Sinead Taylor rest in peace. Identifying the signs in young people who feel are on the would brink of suicide is vital.

  2. ZCMRock

    SchoolsImprove trying to foster a society which embraces difference rather than ridiculing it is as important as protecting victims.

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