British schools using American textbooks teaching abortion is wrong and homosexuality a choice

The Mail is reporting that British Christian schools are using hardline American textbooks which claim abortion is wrong, evolution is a lie and homosexuals choose to be gay….

Up to 25 schools across the UK use the Tennessee-based ‘Accelerated Christian Education’ curriculum.Textbooks provided by the organisation state ‘God wants wives to submit to their husbands’ and tells kids they can avoid AIDs by practising the Bible.

The revelations come after six Muslim-dominated state schools in Birmingham were put into special measures ‘to protect children from extremism’ over claims of a plot to radicalise pupils…

The revelations that hardline Christian ideology is also being taught will increase calls for stricter rules to be introduced to control what is allowed to be taught in schools.

But school leaders and Christian Education Europe – which provides the curriculum to schools in Europe – say the literature is only a ‘tool’ in a wider education.

Headteacher Brenda Lewis, who established the ACE King of Kings School in Ancoats, Greater Manchester, said: ‘The textbooks in isolation only show a very small part of a very large curriculum.

‘It’s a starting point not a finishing point. As Christians we believe the Bible and we believe what the Bible says, and it does say a number of those things.

‘But we are not single issue people and we teach our students to think for themselves.’

Dr Greg Hibbins, general manager of Christian Education Europe, added: ‘Users of our curriculum are independent and have the choice to adapt and manage the content.’

The schools sit an International Christian Certificate of Education instead of GCSEs and A-Levels…

Ofsted has recently tightened its rules on inspections for private schools to include their literature and curriculum.

A spokeswoman said: ‘Schools are expected to teach a broad and balanced curriculum.’

A Department for Education spokesman said: ‘All independent schools must ensure pupils are taught respect for others of different cultures and beliefs.’…

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Your thoughts on these revelations from the Mail? Should Ofsted/the DfE be looking to investigate what’s going on in the same way they looked into the Trojan horse allegations? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. Janet2

    Busy Mum Not everyone agrees they are “right”.  That’s why schools are expected to teach controversial subjects in a balanced manner.   And they’re certainly not expected to teach that women are subservient to men or nonsense about how reading the Bible will protect against sexually-transmitted diseases – only abstinence or condoms will do that.

  2. Janet2

    “Accelerated Christian Education, an individualised Christian learning programme, forms the body of the curriculum”

    This is from the prospectus of King of Kings School and seems to contradict the head’s statement that ACE is only a “springboard”.

    The school doesn’t appear to have been inspected either by Ofsted, Independent Schools Inspectorate, Bridge Schools Inspectorate or the School Inspection Service (the last two specialise in inspecting independent faith schools).

    Perhaps it’s time King of Kings received a full inspection.

  3. jackieschneider

    matty_blueberry WhyHowWhatIf – I wish Gove would help us out by defining “acceptable extremism” & “scary threatening extremism”

  4. hardstint

    SchoolsImprove ParkViewBham waiting for gove to send wilshaw in – or is it different when it’s not Muslims?

  5. Busy Mum

    Janet2 Busy Mum That’s the problem – schools do not teach controversial subjects in a balanced manner. The new orthodoxy is humanism and it is on the assumption that humanism/atheism/secularism (they all amount to the same thing) is the truth that all lessons are taught. Some of us believe differently but our faith is relegated to a theory in RS whilst humanism is elevated to a science. Where is the equality in that?

  6. spawneedave

    Busy Mum Janet2 I guess Islam, Christianity and Judaism amount to the same thing, using your logic

  7. shaggy

    RE should be banned in schools. if you want to teach your kid some shit about a magic man in the sky then thats up to you but dont try filling other kids heads with this bullshit

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