Bringing DJing to schools to reverse the decline in students taking GCSE and A-Level music

In 2017 only 1 in 20 students took GCSE music. FutureDJs  intends to change that with their pioneering programme bringing professional DJ and Music Production tutors into schools. FE News reports.

The tutors deliver a unique programme of study created by professionals, starting at Key Stage 2 and running through to Key Stage 5, in accordance with the new AQA, OCR and Eduqas GCSE music specifications.

Learning to DJ is similar to learning any other instrument. When DJing is learnt with the right intentions and taught in the right way – with a passion for electronic music at its heart – it can instil the skills and mentality of a musician.

However, despite the huge interest from students to get into music – at each school around 120 students register their interest – very few teachers have the practical skill, knowledge or resources to deliver. FutureDJs bridge this gap by sending their own visiting music tutors into secondary schools nationwide; providing structured, curriculum focused lessons, just like tutors of any other musical instrument.

In recent years the UK examination boards AQA and OCR introduced DJing into the GCSE national curriculum. The importance of this should not be underplayed; DJ decks are now recognised as a formal instrument and can therefore be assessed in schools.

The Future DJs programme is split over 36 twenty-minute sessions in an academic year, typically costing £15 per session. The team includes professional DJs Austen and Scott Smart who have collaborated with Grammy nominated artists, performed in some of the world’s top venues and licensed music to multinationals.

FutureDJs is now crowdfunding to take their unique, pioneering programme into more schools around the UK and to create a foundation that will enable them to teach children in poorer areas where no funding is available. 

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Would your school be interested? Will it really increase the number of pupils taking GCSE Music? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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