Brighton school will punish pupils who bring plastic bottles the same as if they were caught smoking

The Independent is reporting that Brighton College, a private school in East Sussex, will ban anyone from taking plastic water bottles, plastic straws or non-biodegradable cups onto the premises – including teachers.

Richard Cairns, headmaster at Brighton College, has said that pupils caught flouting the ban of single-use plastics on the school site could face punishments – including supervised beach-cleaning.

The headmaster of Brighton College will formally announce the ban – believed to be the first of its kind – at a conference at the school tomorrow. It is expected to come into effect in the autumn.

Mr Cairns will say: “We will treat plastic bottles, straws and non-biodegradable cups as anti-social, in the same way that for decades we have banned cigarettes.”

“Many pupils were really shaken by the terrible images on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II of marine animals being strangled by plastic,” Mr Cairns said. 

The private school will install extra water fountains – and it will commission refillable bottles etched with environmental messages – to ensure students can stay hydrated.

The new environmental measures may eventually include banning parents and teachers who drive diesel cars from driving onto the school site.

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  1. The retailers need to stop selling plastic items, this will stop the patents/carers or children from having access to these plastic bottles.

    Before the schools chastise or “PUNISH” (in their words) children, first the consumers need to take a more holistic approach to this situation. For example, look at some different alternatives and stop making plastic!

    These issues need to be addressed before they hit the high street stores.

    My advice would be to leave the children and young adults out of this. The children can be taught effectively how to pick up litter in creative ways with an reward system set in place. They can be shown how to recycle and then shown the damage that can be caused to the environment if recycling does not take place.

    I believe that by using the word “punishment” to these children at this school is rather harsh and in my opinion each student at this school is solely conforming to the actions of the adults around them. (After all plastic has been about for some time).

Let us know what you think...