Brian Cox: Rosetta mission can inspire next generation

The Guardian is reporting that TV physicist Brian Cox has called on the government to capitalise on the excitement surrounding the Rosetta space mission and enable a generation of schoolchildren to pursue their aspirations to become world-class scientists and engineers…

Prof Cox accused ministers of being preoccupied by the short-term economic benefits of education and failing to recognise the long-term value of inspiring children at a young age who would then go on to be the space explorers of the future.

He said the Rosetta mission, in which a spacecraft the size of a washing machine landed on a comet for the first time, was a “profound scientific achievement” that could have the same impact as the Apollo moon landings.

“It has captured the imagination. It’s on the front page of every newspaper. It’s being discussed – or it should be – in every science lesson in every school. The next question [for schoolchildren] is: is it possible for me to do this?”

Too often, Cox said, children assumed it was beyond their reach. He blamed a lack of joined-up thinking between the Department of Education and the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS), which he said acted as a brake on young people’s aspirations….

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Please note Professor Cox is doing a live Q&A for teachers and students on Friday at the Guardian: Live Q&A: professor Brian Cox answers your students’ questions


Have you seen children getting excited about the Rosetta mission? Is the government missing a trick in not capitalising on it effectively by inspiring more young people to realise they could do something similar? Please give us your insights and feedback in the comments or via Twitter… 


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