Brexit will cause flight of EU academics, say Oxford leaders

The Guardian reports that Oxford leaders say Brexit will cause flight of EU academics.

The houses of Commons and Lords vote on the Brexit bill today, the amendment to the bill to give the 3 million EU nationals working in the UK is not likely to be passed.
Oxford University are warning that this could be catastrophic fot the education system.
Teachers and lecturers are already looking to leave the UK as they feel they have no job security after the Brexit vote.
Almost a fifth of academics working in the UK in 2015-16 were EU nationals.
“Our EU colleagues are not reassured by a government which tells them that deportation is not going to happen but declines to convert that assurance into law; some are worried, some are already making plans to leave. 
This could have a major negative impact on research projects in universitys across the UK.
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  1. The present Government doesn’t care about education – from primary to university, let alone research. Judge by their actions, not their words.

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