Breakfast clubs benefit children and parents in fast-paced world

The Worcester News is reporting that new research has found that breakfast clubs are benefiting children and working parents alike.

BREAKFAST clubs in schools are becoming a lifeline for working mums and dads, according to new research.

And their success is not just about ensuring children have a meal to start their day as they also offer pre-school day activities and support with homework as well as relieving pressure on hard pressed working parents.

The research, commissioned by breakfast cereal giant Kellogg’s, revealed that a third of working British mums would have to give up work if there was no support from school breakfast clubs.

One in five of those who completed the online survey recognised the cost for alternative morning childcare would mean they would have to tighten their purse strings, with nearly 20 per cent of parents claiming they save more than £50 every week by sending their children to breakfast clubs.

The survey of 2,003 working parents showed how it isn’t just “squeezed” families who rely on the clubs.

More at: Breakfast clubs benefit children and parents in fast-paced world

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