Boy mauled by teacher’s dog at primary school

A five-year-old boy has been mauled by a dog at his school in Northern Ireland. The child was taken to hospital for specialist treatment. The dog was being shown to pupils at Carniny primary school on the outskirts of Ballymena. This is from the BBC…

Raymond Ross, the school principal told the BBC: “Everyone at the school is very upset and distressed by what has happened. Our hearts go out to the boy and his family.”

Mr Ross said the incident had happened in the school’s playground, and that the pupils were being let in one by one to see the dog.

“The class were talking about pets and the teacher said she would bring in her dog and the children were looking forward to that.

“The teacher’s husband brought the dog in today. It was in an enclosed playground and the children, from outside the playground, watched the dog play and jump around and they enjoyed that.

“Then very simply the children were then given the chance to come in and stroke the dog in the playground one by one.

“There were a number of adults there. The dog was in a very controlled position and a number of children had the opportunity to stroke the dog and they were very happy with that.

“Then suddenly the dog just turned on one little child and it’s as if he just flicked his head to one side and caught the little child in the face.”

Mr Ross said the school then rushed the child indoors and implemented the school’s emergency procedure.

Ballymena Borough Council have released a statement saying they are aware of the incident and that their thoughts are with the family.

More at:  Ballymena boy mauled by dog at Carniny Primary School

Very sad outcome for something that appears to have been undertaken with the very best of intentions. Any thoughts or comments?

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  1. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove my daughter was attacked by our 10yo dog and had her nose bitten off. alder hey fixed her but the whole thing was traumatic.

  2. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove however, the hundreds of good exp my child had with that animal were not taken away the day she was attacked and she is not

  3. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove scared of dogs. I have brought my new dog into school several times. as a great dane she is very big but v gentle

  4. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove the pupils love my dog to bits and gain from interacting with her. am not going to take 100 good experiences away because

  5. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove sorry for ranting! lol I also run school farm and see the enormous positive impact of animals on pupils!!

  6. Heidimo

    SchoolsImprove children who cant show love at home for fear can be comfortable showing tenderness and love to our animals and its wonderful

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