Boy, four, can’t go to the same school as his two brothers because his mother missed the application deadline by three days

The Mail is reporting that a four-year-old boy has been told he cannot attend the same school as his big brothers even though it is directly next to his house after his mother missed the application deadline by three days.

Little Joshua Fletcher was devastated when he was told he cannot join his brothers at Norristhorpe School in Liversedge, West Yorkshire, which is so close it is visible from his bedroom window.

His mother Claire Fletcher, 36, has now had to enrol him in another school two miles away, Crossley Field, despite the fact their house is directly next door to the school’s playground…

Mrs Fletcher said: ‘I pretty much begged for a place for him at the appeal, but there was no give.

‘I’ve been told there are hundreds of cases similar to mine – which must go to show the system is all wrong. 

‘But living where we do, next door to the school, it’s common sense.’

Because Joshua is first on the waiting list if a place becomes available he will be able to transfer – but as Mrs Fletcher pointed out, ‘the only real hope is if someone leaves the area, but it is a wild hope to pin yourself to’…

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said: ‘The council admissions procedure means that places are allocated (in line with the school’s admission criteria) to on time applications before we consider late applications.

‘Unfortunately Mrs Fletcher made a late application for a school place in the reception class for her child this September…’

More at: Boy, four, can’t go to the same school as his two brothers even though it backs on to his house – because his mother missed the application deadline by three days


The full article says the mother claims she was unaware of the deadline, saying she does not visit the library or GP surgery where it was advertised or see it on the notice board at school (although she does accept it was her fault).

Do you have any sympathy with the family here or did they forego that when they failed to get the application in on time?

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