Boy, 10, expelled after taking knife and hammer to school for ‘protection’

The Mirror is reporting that a boy of 10 has been expelled from his school after being caught carrying a hammer and a knife for “protection”…

The child was found with the weapons at his primary in Salford, Greater Manchester by police last month investigating reports of a large-scale fight planned for when the school closed.

He told them they were for “protection”. He is believed to have been excluded from the school.

Last year, it was revealed that nationally almost 1,000 schoolchildren have been caught with lethal weapons such as guns, knives, axes and hammers in just three years…

More at: Boy, 10, expelled after taking knife and hammer to school for ‘protection’


I’m not sure if the media is just picking up more knife-related schools stories or whether there has been an escalation in incidents recently.

Certainly not a welcome trend.

Your thoughts?


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