Boris Johnson to consider 90% funding cuts to youth and education schemes

The Guardian is reporting that it has seen documents suggesting Boris Johnson could cut 90% of funding for schemes targeted at some of London’s most deprived and vulnerable young people under proposals drawn up by officials…

Documents seen by the Guardian detail a schedule for the mayor to take the axe to funds currently directed towards mentoring, volunteering, supplementary schooling, healthy eating and services for young people excluded from schools.

The proposed spending reductions are so swingeing that officials fear London might have difficulty obtaining further finance from Europe, which is triggered by match funding.

The plan would see Greater London authority investment in education and youth activity fall from £22.6m this year to £10.4m next year and £2.3m in 2016/17.

Some of the schemes were created by Johnson to burnish his credentials as a one-nation Tory and counter accusations the Old Etonian has little feel for the capital’s disadvantaged. Johnson, who is expected to enter parliament next year as MP for Uxbridge, will leave city hall at the end of his mayoral term in 2016 – at which point the schemes will either be winding down dramatically or will have ended…

A spokesman for Johnson said the document was “designed to help with the very beginning of planning this budget round”. He added: “We have been able to secure a very significant increase in funding, approaching £50m, over the course of the current term, which supports a range of education and youth programmes benefitting thousands of young Londoners…”

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Thoughts on this? An early planning document being taken out of perspective or something to be concerned about for London? Please let us know how you see it in the comments or via Twitter…


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    SchoolsImprove Oh fantastic. Further marginalise disadvantaged children, reduce their opportunities, and smother their prospects.

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