Boris Johnson launches new curriculum for London to give pupils a grasp of the city

The Evening Standard is reporting that a new school curriculum for London has been launched in a bid to help children understand the capital and its history “beyond their own postcode”…

Teachers will be given lesson plans on how to turn the city into a living classroom in subjects including English, art, music, geography and history.

Boris Johnson revealed the curriculum before the start of a reforming summit held in London by Education Secretary Michael Gove.

The curriculum is the latest schools initiative to be introduced following the Mayor’s education inquiry and is an indication of his determination to take on more power over schools.

He said: “We found too few children knew of or had access to the treasure trove of learning London has to offer. The London Curriculum will have an impact on core academic subjects by making the capital a giant classroom and strengthening youngsters’ knowledge of the people, places and events that not only shaped our city but also had an impact on the world stage.”

Former teacher Tony Sewell, the CEO of Generating Genius, led the Mayor’s inquiry which recommended the new curriculum. He said it will help children who do not see anything of London beyond their own postcode and do not feel the city belongs to them. “Places like Tower Hamlets have cultural and ancestral lock-downs for certain kids in these communities,” he added

He said some people, including Muslim girls, “only experience a very small part of life” and the curriculum will help them widen their experiences.

Pupils aged 11 to 14 will benefit from the curriculum, which will run alongside the national one. Teachers are not obliged to follow it but can sign up for lesson plans in five subjects. For example, English teachers will be advised to look at stories that include the Thames and works by Charles Dickens…

More (including details by subject) at: Boris Johnson launches new curriculum for London to give pupils a grasp of the city

Any thoughts on this new London initiative? Is it a meaningful development or just a bit of PR for the mayor and his team? Would you like to see other regions do something similar to make the curriculum more relevant to their local areas? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. Sherbs1

    DavidInglisGsy :-)) Culture and Leisure? Seriously,we have had 7 m plus knocked off our budget How do we fund necessary dev like this one

  2. Sherbs1

    Henrouss I agree some Norman history is relevant but it’s tied up with UK history as well. We have had close ties with England for 900 yrs

  3. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss We should be teaching how we have interacted with our neighbours to explain how we got to where we are today.

  4. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss Do you know how the Corn Laws affected us? You probably know of their impact on Ireland. And the Imperial Contribution?

  5. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss I totally agree. It is that interaction and lessons learned that are important. Curriculum should facilitate that

  6. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss Do you even know the history of Education in a Guernsey? Or who were the great social reformers?

  7. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss Fair point. What % of pop know? Don’t challenge me, I agree ! At what age did you find out?

  8. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 yesterday a French trade rep was waxing lyrical about Guernsey. They love us but we lost our ties with France

  9. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss Yes and No. This is not a personal quiz session. I agree issue needs to be addressed. Knowledge is accessible

  10. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 having said that, like dear Victor Hugo, our families escaped French oppression. Time to embrace friendship now though

  11. Sherbs1

    Henrouss We didn’t help the process when our privateers attacked French shipping. Some well known local families did well I believe 🙂

  12. tothevale

    Sherbs1 Henrouss We attacked both French and British. At one point CI had more tonnage than English Navy

  13. Sherbs1

    Henrouss Most island opportunistic communities are looked upon with suspicion. Its ‘secret’ financial operations now

  14. Henrouss

    tothevale Sherbs1 our fishing fleet was pretty impressive! Not sure how many boats built here. A good few I guess

  15. tothevale

    Henrouss Sherbs1 We were given letters of marque to legitimise our activity. Last English wheeze was Hovering Act. Cutters in the Russel

  16. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 I have never liked facilitating someone else not paying their share of tax, personally. Delayed tax thru pensions, fine

  17. tothevale

    Henrouss Sherbs1 I doubt it. Guernsey history is ignored in the English curriculum. Everything I know I learned nyself.

  18. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss I found out when my education began to be self driven and I was no longer led by the nose to the trough of learning.

  19. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss As has been the case for all of us. Instill a love of learning, inquiry and enabling skills of access to knowledge

  20. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 How do we deal with inconsistancies of history? Good King John from our perspective?

  21. tothevale

    Henrouss Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace C&L do a good job accessing schools but our 8000 year history is not formalised AFAIK. History starts 1066

  22. tothevale

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss Sherbs1 It’s depressing that an Island with such an history is ignored virtually by the adopted curriculum.

  23. Sherbs1

    Henrouss oldfarmhorace The benefits of and our close association with the English Crown didn’t totally endear us to the French

  24. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss When it started they were all one. Then people had to pick sides. We became important by being on the front line.

  25. oldfarmhorace

    tothevale Henrouss Sherbs1 Our social history, what made us what we are today, is just fading away as is our unique identity.

  26. Sherbs1

    tothevale oldfarmhorace Henrouss It is not ignored at all so don’t be depressed. The prob is coordinated resources and fact driven curric

  27. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 No. King John was forced to give us rights and privileges to support his claim to France.The basis of our prosperity

  28. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 tothevale Henrouss I could walk into a High School and ask for the names of famous Sarnians from History and they will name?

  29. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 That could have happened if we had done a deal. However we had no bargaining chip.

  30. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss tothevale Sherbs1 All it takes is, this is what UK examiner wants but did you know we did it differently and better here…….

  31. tothevale

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace Henrouss Our history are our facts. English history are their facts. More adopting curriculum I suspect?

  32. Sherbs1

    Henrouss oldfarmhorace Just think Martyn, we could have been a closer member of a united EU :-)) You would just love that. So would DJ 😉

  33. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace I would have if that time stream had played out. People always forget that they would have been different

  34. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss tothevale There is nothing to stop creation of a GCSE in loc.studiesTo my knowledge no one has tried. Ask PDobson

  35. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 We would have become used to being defeated in battle and have no sea faring heritage. Would eat more garlic.

  36. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 The German Gibraltar of the Channel with us as Citizens of the World power could have been fun. Lovely uniforms too.

  37. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss Sherbs1 St Malo has a certain shared history. Very independent and almost one of our ports at times.

  38. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace your problems in schools, I believe, often start as potential HSSD problems although undetected. Silos

  39. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss At least we would escape the ignominy of being associated with a country which has waged war with most countries on Earth

  40. Sherbs1

    Henrouss oldfarmhorace You miss the point. Germany would be fundamentally different now if the Nazis had won

  41. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss 70 years later social policies would change. Perhaps even a post Nazi Germany would endorse Gay Marriage. Unlike Jersey?

  42. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace tothevale Henrouss Matt Le Tissier ? You might be able to get De S, Doyle if ‘house’ names. Leale prob not

  43. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 tothevale Henrouss Doyle wasn’t one of us, he was Irish.Like Wellington and many other famous English.

  44. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss 70 years of political change? Has Britain, one of the victors, changed in the last 70 years. Where’s the Empire?

  45. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss Of course but you are conveniently forgetting Hitlers basic philosophy re minority groups. removal was the solution

  46. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace post Hitler Germany might have been very different. He was ill anyway and hated by many on his own side

  47. tothevale

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace Henrouss And of course William Le Lacheur – Costa Rican hero. There’s loads for such a small island.

  48. Henrouss

    Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace we have no way of knowing the alternative timeline. You seem certain of it but you can’t be

  49. oldfarmhorace

    tothevale Sherbs1 Henrouss Sadly most are famous because they left the Island. We could do with more who were useful here.

  50. Sherbs1

    Henrouss oldfarmhorace I agree we cannot know and I am not certain but if his policies had prevailed it would be a very diff world now

  51. tothevale

    CherlyGsy Henrouss Sherbs1 Vale Primary does its bit within infants. Castle Cornet, Vic Hugo. Outdoor activity and fun projects

  52. Sherbs1

    tothevale CherlyGsy Henrouss Many, I’m tempted to say all, of our schools are conscious of their responsibilities to promote our culture

  53. DeputyDaveJones

    Sherbs1 tothevale CherlyGsy Henrouss Peter I suspect that is difficult when most of the teachers come from a different one

  54. oldfarmhorace

    DeputyDaveJones Sherbs1 tothevale CherlyGsy Henrouss Induction Culture Awareness Workshops, perhaps?

  55. oldfarmhorace

    Henrouss tothevale Sherbs1 The Black Sheds by Havelet and the North Beach as well all shipbuilding locations.

  56. oldfarmhorace

    tothevale CherlyGsy Henrouss Sherbs1 Victor Hugo’s fine but he was a transient. Not much taught about his life here. Buying chests

  57. Sherbs1

    oldfarmhorace Henrouss tothevale A coincidence H. My GG GF b.1803 was a master shipwright in Woolwich and in India for E India company

  58. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 Henrouss tothevale So many skills in my families past convinces me that industries don’t last forever. Mantua, anyone?

  59. deputycgreen

    tothevale I think Sherbs1 & oldfarmhorace should get their own tv show: “Grumpy Old Men – Guernsey branch” where they can be nostalgic

  60. MParkerGsy

    deputycgreen tothevale Sherbs1 oldfarmhorace would be just like those 2 from the muppets in the theatre box

  61. Sherbs1

    deputycgreen tothevale oldfarmhorace Moi ! Grumpy ? I’m the eternal optimist, Haven’t you noticed ? 🙂 H and I same age?? Compliment

  62. oldfarmhorace

    Sherbs1 deputycgreen tothevale You’ve looked after yourself. I blame #govgg for not telling me about the evils of sugar at an early age.

  63. kennygfrederick

    SchoolsImprove-delighted Boris has so much time in his hands & knows so much about curriculum matters.Can I write his next plan for London?

  64. kennygfrederick

    edujdw SchoolsImprove-sadly he thinks he can do our (educationalists) job but only he & his cronies can do his! Not to self aware is he?

  65. edujdw

    kennygfrederick SchoolsImprove literally bumped into him at London Bridge station, his mind somewhere else completely. Shambles of a man.

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