Bomb threats against British schools found to cost just £5 on Dark Web

The International Business Times is reporting that bomb threats against British schools, hospitals and airports can be bought on the dark web for less than £5 and executed at a rate of 20 per hour

…one anonymous seller …said calls about planted bombs and armed gunmen stalking the corridors of busy buildings could be made just two days after an order is placed. An undercover reporter was offered a price of just $7 (£4.80) per school if more than 10 were ordered at once. “If you want me to call in bomb threats to many schools in the London region or in the UK at one time I can make a discount,” the vendor said.

Calls made to UK hospitals cost £40, while individual schools cost just £16. They also boasted of being able to make more than 20 school bomb calls per hour.

A “very high quality digital voice” is used to make the calls, which is said to be “barely noticeable as a digital voice… most of the people that answer the call think it’s a real person talking”, we were told.

This discovery comes just weeks after 14 schools across London, the West Midlands and Cornwall were evacuated due to a series of bomb scares. According to transaction records, the seller made 50 sales of his service in a single day in February 2016….

…In all cases, if the calls result in no news stories then buyers are given a full refund.

As proof that the hoaxes work, the seller provided links to news stories caused by the calls, including a shopping centre in Houston, Texas, and a secondary school in Georgia. We were told every bomb threat made through this service has a 90% chance of causing the target building to be evacuated…

More at Dark web: Bomb threats against British schools and hospitals found to cost just £5


If true, it is quite amazing that this has become a product you can now buy.

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