Boarding school fees ‘spiralling out of reach’, warns former Eton head

The Daily Mail is reporting a warning from the former head of Eton College that boarding school fees have spiralled ‘out of reach for many families.

Tony Little said charges are excluding parents on modest incomes and risk ‘destroying the very service that we value and cherish the most’.
He also claimed boarding schools need to improve their approach to child protection by trying to ‘change lives’ rather than simply ‘checking the small print’ of insurance policies.
Mr Little told the Boarding Schools’ Association’s (BSAS) annual conference in Manchester last week: ‘Fees as we know have risen enormously over the past 30 years and will have been a barrier for many families who would like to consider boarding as an option for their children.
‘While we can celebrate our good value as a sector, independent schools cannot be blind to the plain and simple truth that for so many our fees are simply beyond reach.
‘And it does not take too much imagination to work out that unless there is some sort of positive action to address this – to widen the boarding opportunity not just for vulnerable children but to all – then we will be in danger of destroying the very service that we value and cherish the most.’

More at: Soaring fees for boarding schools ‘could destroy them’: Former Eton head warns cost is excluding parents on modest incomes

What do you think? Are fees now out of the reach of families?

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  1. NicklessStephen

    SchoolsImprove The mega-rich price everyone out of every market. london housing more important than private crammers.

  2. johnofsurrey

    SchoolsImprove The arrogance and ignorance is unbelievable. As if schools like Eton have ever been accessible to nearly all of us.

  3. Northnsouth55

    So….’Soaring fees for boarding schools could destroy them!’ ?

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