Blue drinking water at school built on landfill site is ‘making people ill’

The Daily Record is reporting that teachers at a school built on a landfill site claim they were gagged and threatened with the sack after raising safety concerns over the drinking water. Staff complained three years ago that water at the shared school campus, which is built on a landfill site, had turned blue. 

But council bosses only imposed a drinking ban on the tap water late last year and ordered tests.

Now the teachers at Buchanan and St Ambrose high schools Coatbridge fear their health has been affected.

In a letter to SNP MSP Fulton MacGregor, three of the teachers, said: “The issue was raised over three years ago by teaching staff.

“Staff morale is low because we are frightened to say anything in case we implicate ourselves and lose our jobs.”

The campus was built on a site used for a variety of waste materials including hazardous substances such as arsenic, nickel and lead.

The teachers asked to remain anonymous in the December letter because they fear reprisals from council bosses for speaking out.

The teachers added: “We have been warned by senior management within North Lanarkshire Council that we are not allowed to discuss the water issue with anyone or we would be putting the council into 
disrepute, which is a sackable offence and, secondly, we would risk being removed from the teaching register.”

They also accuse the council of testing the water but refusing to disclose the results.

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  1. Anonymous

    Issues relate to air site soil and water. i was brought into a meeting room to discuss the matter, and there was a large crack in the wall running from floor to ceiling. if there is subsidence then the remediation work would be compromised?

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