Black British history: the row over the school curriculum in England

The Guardian reports …

In Britain, one focus of the Black Lives Matter movement has been how we tell the history of the country. Beyond the protests about statues, young people have been campaigning against changes to the national curriculum in England made in 2014.

When the then education secretary, Michael Gove, announced he wanted to refocus the teaching of history in schools to “celebrate the distinguished role of these islands in the history of the world”, he removed the curriculum’s explicit focus on racial and ethnic diversity, particularly within Britain.

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  1. Carole Cheney

    As the black population makes up only 3% of the UK population it is hard to call for more focus on black history. We must under these circumstances include more Asian (especially Indian/Pakistani history as they also make up a sizeable minority in the UK. We put little attention to Irish or Scottish history let alone a decent study of any immigration that may have impacted on British history. Unfortunately British history is extensive and I suspect every history teacher would come up with a different curriculum that they would choose to teach. Sadly history receives little time in the school curriculum so we must reduce. 1000 years of history to one hour a week. Perhaps the teaching of ethnicity in our society should be part of an ethics curriculum or PAGE? I would teach Romans, 1066 and aftermath Tutor, Civil War Waterloo, Victoria, WW1 WW2 and 1960s. Few I am sure would agree!

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