‘Being bullied worse than neglect and abuse,’ study says

The Telegraph is reporting that a new study that suggests being bullied as a child has more damaging consequences than being the victim of abuse or neglect…

Children who are bullied are around five times more likely to experience anxiety and are nearly as twice as likely to report more depression and self-harm at age 18 than children who are maltreated.

The study of roughly 5,500 youngsters led by academics at Warwick and Duke universities goes against the long-held belief that those who suffer maltreatment suffer trauma for decades whereas those who are bullied merely go through “a rite of passage”.

Children who are victims of bullying suffer more damaging, long-lasting effects because it is downplayed by teachers and parents and not addressed as quickly as maltreatment, researchers said.

Professor William Copeland at North Carolina’s Duke University School of Medicine said: “The long term effects of bullying are anxiety, depression [or suicidal tendencies]. We looked at those who were bullied only, maltreated only and exposed to both and found that the negative effects are higher in those bullied than maltreated…

More at: ‘Being bullied worse than neglect and abuse,’ study says


Fascinating and concerning insights into the impact of bullying on the long-term wellbeing of children.

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  1. JonRobALA

    SchoolsImprove I agree in many cases and would go further: bullying is abuse & can represent neglect of sorts.

  2. rrunsworth

    JonRobALA SchoolsImprove Absolutely, but all 3 are equally important and all should be dealt with quickly. Adults should listen to kids.

  3. rrunsworth

    JonRobALA SchoolsImprove Thanks. Whilst I understand need to look at impact of each, it’s really unhelpful to compare the 3 in this way.

  4. JonRobALA

    rrunsworth SchoolsImprove I didn’t post the original tweet but I think intent was 2 draw atrention 2 bullying & ensure not forgotten.

  5. garrodt

    SchoolsImprove educationgovuk Yet every young person admits to know of Bullying in their school !! School bullying policies don’t work

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