Banned ICT teacher replaces Nick Griffin as BNP leader

The TES is reporting that a former ICT teacher who was banned from the classroom has become the leader of the far-right British National Party…

The party’s website said Adam Walker had been appointed acting chairman after leader Nick Griffin “stepped aside”, two months after he lost the party’s only seat at the European parliament.

Mr Walker, from Spennymoor in County Durham, was given a suspended sentence for verbally abusing three schoolboys, chasing them in his car and slashing the tyres on their bikes with a Stanley knife in 2011.

He was later banned from teaching for life by former education secretary Michael Gove. Last year, as a BNP organiser, he described Britain as a “multicultural s***hole”.

In 2010, Mr Walker  faced a General Teaching Council (GTC) disciplinary panel after he posted a series of claims about immigrants being “savages” and stating that Britain had become a “dumping ground for the filth of the third world” on a website while he should have been supervising pupils.

But in a highly contentious decision, the GTC said he had not broken any rules to bar him from the profession…

More at: Banned ICT teacher replaces Nick Griffin as BNP leader

Is it interesting, in light of potential sanctions against ‘Trojan horse’ teachers, that this chap was not banned from teaching until Michael Gove became involved? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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