Ban parents from open days at universities, headmistress says

The Telegraph is reporting a private school head’s comments that students should stop taking parents to university open days as it fuels the safe-spaces culture among the ‘snowflake’ generation

Jane Lunnon, headmistress of Wimbledon High School, also said that by over-protecting children, parents are making teenagers ‘less confident’ and crippling their ability to deal with adulthood. 

Mrs Lunnon said modern parents are overprotecting their children to the point where they disempower them and leave them unable to deal with university life and beyond.

She said: “When I was going to university, [it was] nothing to do with your parents – you’d go to your open days on your own.

“Now universities are running sessions for parents. Parents go along to the open day.

“This whole point about breaking away and taking control of your own identity and taking those risks, is to some extent compromised by increasing parental need to protect and support.

“And I think to some extent the universities are complicit in that.”

More at: Ban parents from open days at universities, headmistress says

Do you agree? Are universities pandering to parents? Should students have more independence? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or via Twitter ~ Jon

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  1. deetoured

    SchoolsImprove ridiculous parents expecting to have say in next 3 years (4 Scot)that they funding & why wd they have any wisdom to offer?

  2. jessica10510

    SchoolsImprove dont agree, was useful having my mum with me- company and unlike friends interested in talks for my subject at unis i liked!

  3. The_little_pea

    SchoolsImprove maybe parents now involved as fees so high they need to support kids through uni financially more than ever? Times changed

  4. andrew_1910 SchoolsImprove Most unis are in cities.  Cities have train and bus stations.   Potential undergrads should show independence and get themselves to open days without relying on parents’ cars.

  5. thiskidsthinkin

    Anyone the age to go to university should be able to go to open days themselves. How do we expect them to be independent if they can’t do that? 
    This is where going to a further education college after year 12 is useful. Teaches older teens more independence than a school environment for 2 years. There is no punishment if you don’t attend class or do the work, you simply fail the subject. Great life lesson!

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