‘Back off SLT, I’m having fun in lessons at Christmas’

This is for you SLT fun police out there.  There is maybe twice a year that you need to have the argument with teachers about working right to the end of term: Christmas and Summer holidays, and I’m sorry, I’m very much team “Last week of term, all bets are off”.  Tes reports

With all the pressures that are put on our pupils, now beginning as early as EYFS, why oh why can’t they have a week of excitement and fun, where when they enter that classroom, who knows what’s on the other side of that door? Is that not the magic of Christmas and the lure of the summer freedom? The anticipation? 

Some of the pupils you teach this year will go home to two weeks of doing what they want, but not necessarily getting what they need. Seeing an adult act in a fun way within a safe and secure environment is one of those huge developmental blocks that some of our most in-need children lack.   

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  1. DB

    People with weak arguments say why oh why.
    Don’t you make all your lessons fun? Sounds like weak teaching as well as a weak argument.

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