Authorities deny boy his GCSE grades after random stabbing stops him sitting exams


A father is battling for his son to be awarded his GCSE grades after a random stabbing that took part of a lung stopped him from sitting his exams. iNews reports

The 16-year-old pupil, who was predicted good grades, including several A*s, was randomly attacked in a park in north London two weeks ago, leaving him hospitalised and unable to sit his GCSEs.

But despite the efforts of both his parents and his school, the student faces being forced to repeat the year after the Joint Council for Qualifications, which represents the largest exam boards, refused to award his grades.

“I’m shocked that the system was so insensitive, to heap more anguish and suffering on a child who’s trying to recover, understand his injuries and move on,” his father, a telecommunications executive, told The Times.

“They have a provision for rare and exceptional circumstances but they have never used it and don’t seem to be willing to. I don’t know how much more rare and exceptional a situation can be.”

The school had been willing to put together evidence to show the pupil warranted being awarded the grades he was predicted but this was refused.

The JCQ said: “The boards have offered to provide honorary awards that can be used with colleges, employers and universities to explain the circumstances.”

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Do you think he should have been given his predicted grades or should he resit the year again? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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  1. Ballyclarian

    I have sympathy but this has been the case for many years. My brother was scalded through no fault of his own and had to repeat the year as he couldnt sit exams. Unfortunate but understandable as predicted grades are not a valid measure of what he would actualy attain in reality and often very optomistic. The process needs to be consistent and fair on all other candidates, so rules must be enforced. Clearly the child will not be stopped starting A-Levels or a college course because of this as there is no prerequisite grade for any A-Level unless the school/college choose to set one. He can sit his exams next summer, with thers who have suffered similar misfortunes. I wish him well.

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