Australia investigates ‘cage’ for special needs child

The BBC is reporting that Australian officials have voiced shock over reports a Canberra school built a cage-like structure in a classroom for a child with special educational needs…

State officials said the “entirely inappropriate” structure was used as a “withdrawal space” for the child.

The school principal has been placed on administrative duties and state education minister Joy Burch said she had ordered a full inquiry.

Australian media said the child in question was 10 and had autism.

The structure was reported to measure 2m x 2m and was made of pool fencing…

Education experts say children with autism or other behavioural needs can benefit from having a quiet place in which to do their work or to calm down if they become agitated.

But the director general of the ACT’s Education and Training Directorate, Diane Joseph, said the Canberra school’s decision was “entirely inappropriate and unacceptable” and “raises so many questions”…


Maybe there is an innocent explanation but it certainly doesn’t sound right, does it?


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