At least two children in every class have contemplated suicide because of bullying, Diana Award study reveals

According to The Telegraph, more than half, (57 per) cent of children say they have been bullied at some point in their school lives, of which almost one in five (17 per cent) say it had made them feel suicidal.

More than three quarters (78 per cent) of those bullied at school say it had made them anxious and more than half (56 per cent) have not been able to sleep at night.

The Diana Award, a charity set up in honour of Princess Diana and which is backed by her son Prince William, campaigns for anti-bullying pupil ambassadors in schools.

As 10 million children return to school today (Monday), 40 per cent say they are worried about going back because of bullying. Nearly a quarter (23 per cent) think their school does not tackle bullying effectively.

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  1. Anonymous

    On Bullying,
    Hi There,
     Leethan  Bartholomew  of the National FGM Center has accepted this song.
    Empowering Song for Children’ against Self Harming and Bullying.
    Me My Body And I’
     ( And yes Life can be a Bully as well ).
    Using the ‘lyrics’ in Songs to influence and help children should be seriously looked at.
    If you’ve been Bullied, you now need ‘a Voice’ picking you up, giving you back your confidence and self worth’ and getting  you back thinking positivity.
    ‘Empowering song, with Empowering words, to Empower the child, to ‘Ignore’ the Bully)
    The best and easiest way to connect with children is by using a song.
    This  song  have been sent out to all Schools in the Croydon Borough by the Croydon Education Dept, and are backed by the NSPCC, Mental Health Charities, The National FGM Centre, The Government Education Minister, The Croydon Education Dept, Edu Kit, local MP Sarah Jones and the London and Croydon Mayors. Please pass this song on to the Children, because we have found out that there is ‘No’ Morning Assembly singing anymore, ‘Very, Very Bad’.
    .We must give every child the ‘tools’ they need to cope with today’s life, like. confidence, self worth, acceptance, knowledge and understanding of why Big Business and some children act like they do, ( maybe against them ), and also tell children as they are targeted by Big Business that they need to ‘help each other’ against the pressures of life. But more than just listening to this song, we should get Schools to sing this song in assembly, ( linking arms in a show of Solidarity for one another ),  because singing is empowering, and our children are being targeted by so much today that some children cannot handle the pressure.
    Three years ago our other song called,
     You Don’t Look Cool by Teenagers.    (Kids Telling Kids don’t Smoke).
    It was also backed by the Croydon Education Dept, Croydon and London Mayors and the Met Police. We also went into schools with the Local Newspapers with our Banner and Song, which was sung by The Brit School.

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