ASCL: Budget cuts pose ‘serious danger’ to education standards

The Press Association (via the Mail) is reporting warnings from the ASCL that there is a “serious danger” that severe budget cuts will mean that schools will not be able to maintain their current standards of education.

Schools across England are being forced to cut courses, equipment and books, increase class sizes and make redundancies amid a continuing squeeze on finances, according to the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).

It accused the Government of “asking the impossible” by demanding that schools improve standards, without giving them the money and resources to do so.

A survey of ASCL members, conducted by the union ahead of its annual conference in Birmingham on Friday, found that more than three in four (77.1%) believe financial pressures have had a detrimental impact on the education they are able to give pupils.

The vast majority (84.6%) said they have not received enough funding in the past 12 months to meet the essential needs of their school or college.

More than half (52.7%) said their financial situation was serious, or very serious, with a further 17.6% admitting it was critical. More than one in four (28.3%) said their situation was worrying but that they were coping, and the rest said their situation was fine.

Nearly seven in 10 of those polled (69.5%) said they had been forced to cut resources such as IT equipment and textbooks, while 65.9% said they had reduced the number of courses they offered and 63.9% had increased class sizes.

More than a third (38.4%) had made job cuts. Others said they had cut senior leadership posts or not replaced departing staff.

The survey also found concerns that the situation is unlikely to improve, with a third (33.5%) saying it will be “critical” and a further 56% saying it will be serious, or very serious…

More at: Budget cuts pose ‘serious danger’ to education standards


See full details of the survey from the ASCL at: ASCL survey reveals scale of education funding crisis


Your thoughts on the survey results (again, bear in mind that it looks like it was on a self-selecting basis so may attract more responses from those more engaged with the subject matter)?

In your own situation, what impact are you seeing or do you fear most from financial restrictions?

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  1. patlink72

    cherrylkd SchoolsImprove well like the post but dislike the fact that fact education is losing funding

  2. Nairb1

    Can’t be true. Cameron promised during the election campaign that school budgets would be protected and he’s an honest man who wouldn’t dream of bending the truth for political advantage.

  3. AlfredoNokez1

    There’s yet another cull of experienced, expensive (sic) teachers to be replaced by cheap NQTs coming!

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