Asbestos in schools is a ‘serious’ problem, Government report finds

The Telegraph is reporting that a government report has found that asbestos in schools has become a ‘serious’ problem.

Asbestos in schools is a “serious” problem which could threaten the health of children, a Government report has found, as it concluded that thousands of schools are failing to follow safety guidelines.

One fifth of schools which responded to an official survey were found to be “not fully compliant” with asbestos procedures, leaving over a million children potentially exposed to dangerous fibres.

School leaders have branded the report’s findings “deeply concerning”, and urged the Department for Education (DfE) to instigate a works programme that would see asbestos removed from all schools. 

Even low levels of exposure to asbestos fibres can cause both lung cancer, as well as cancer of the lining of the lung called mesothelioma.

Most victims die within 18 months of diagnosis, but it often does not appear until around 40 years after the person first breathes in the dust.

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