As the end of term approaches…

As many schools reach the end of term today we would like to wish all readers – teachers and non-teachers alike – a safe and happy summer. We’ll be keeping the news and discussion coming as best we can over the summer (although maybe  not starting quite so early in the morning!) so please continue to visit, sign up for our newsletter if you haven’t already and share your thoughts and contributions on Twitter…

We’ve just been sent this lovely post from Welsh education blog RJC7 Education and wanted to share it with you all…


We all know and experience that end of term feeling. With all due respect to every other profession, only teachers really understand the exhaustion, despair and need for a break.

This is also true for many pupils that need to rekindle their energy and enthusiasm.

school cartoon

The stress of reports is finally over.


And the daydreams become reality. Here is a poem I discovered for all those that have reached retirement,


But ultimately this leaves me with one final caption that concludes this brief post,


Gwyliau Haf hapus i chi gyd! [Happy holidays to you all!]


See more from RJC7 Education here or follow Richard Carbis on Twitter @CarbisRichard

Please feel free to add your end of term messages in the comments or via twitter and do get in touch with us if you feel passionately about improving schools and have thoughts you would like to share with our readers – we’d love you to contribute a guest post…

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  1. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove Aww that was lovely. Happy summer hols to you too. (2 more days to go + holiday working but hey ho!)

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