Arts ‘squeezed out of state schools’, private school head will claim

The TES is reporting that a leading independent school headteacher is set to criticise provision of the arts in state schools, claiming they have been “all but squeezed out” of the school day.

Alun Jones, president of the Girls’ Schools Association, will say that an “ever-changing curriculum” over which teachers have “no ownership” is to blame.

Pockets of excellence are now “rare” except in private schools, he will say…

…in a speech to his association’s annual conference in Newport, South Wales on Monday, Mr Jones was due to say: “I am thinking particularly of music and the creative or expressive arts, which have all but been squeezed out of the school day in many state schools by the imposition of what seems like a constantly changing curriculum, a curriculum in which our state school colleagues do not have ownership…”

Mr Jones, who is headteacher of St Gabriel’s School in Newbury, Berkshire will go on to say that arts enrichment has its own “intrinsic value”.

He will add: “At the same time [it] delivers all those soft skills we hear so much about – life skills that enable our students to reach further in life and career.”

And the arts should have equal value to science and maths, he will add: “Creative arts must have equal parity with STEM [science, technology, engineering and maths] subjects as a vital component of academic and life success and mental wellbeing…”

More at: Arts ‘squeezed out of state schools’ says private school head


Is Alun Jones right to suggest that creative or expressive arts have all but been squeezed out of the school day in state schools?

Please let us know if you agree or not, and, if so, what impact this is having on students.


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  1. B9igndispo

    SchoolsImprove alidevismes Yep, but those kids in the State Sector are only going to be needed for the Tory vision of a humble workforce !

  2. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove Not just private schools, Welcome to the narrow world of the self-improving (Imploding) school system. Another cul-de-sac

  3. brc_teach

    SchoolsImprove Ability in expressive & creative arts should be nurtured as much as academic ability. Now at risk of withering on the vine.

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