Arts must be secure in curriculum, argues leading head

Cultural education should have a secure and significant place in the curriculum in England, a leading head teacher will argue on Saturday. Bernice McCabe, of North London Collegiate School, will say the arts are crucial to a rounded education. This is from the BBC…

Ms McCabe’s comments follow plans to leave arts subjects out of the English baccalaureate for 16-year-olds.

“The future status of your subjects is uncertain,” she will tell an audience of arts and music teachers.

“I am convinced that education in art and music is a crucial element in the curricular entitlement of every child,” Ms McCabe will say in a speech to the Prince’s Teaching Institute (PTI).

She will encourage a weekend seminar on arts education to consider: “Why should we teach creative arts, what should we teach and how should we teach it?”

“We are in the middle of a lively and important curricular debate… if you speak now your voice will be heard and it may be influential.”

Concerns have been raised about the future of cultural education in schools after the government announced plans for the English baccalaureate which will be taught in schools from 2015.

The new qualification will initially be in three core subject areas – English, maths and sciences – but will later be widened to include a language and either history or geography, but no arts subjects.

Eminent figures in the arts world have voiced fears that Britain’s creative economy could be destroyed within a generation if arts subjects are left out of the new qualification as schools might no longer want to put resources into teaching them.

Supporters of the change say students will be able to elect to study the arts as “option subjects”.

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