Arts defy fears of squeeze at GCSE

The Times is reporting that concerns creative subjects would suffer a drop in popularity appear not to have been realised at GCSE this summer.

The paper reveals that entries for art, design and music were all slightly up on last year, with drama running unchanged.

It points out that this is despite warnings from leading players in the arts community who have criticised the government for leaving arts subjects out of the EBacc. 

Interestingly, the paper also reports that, elsewhere, there was a reduction in entries for single science subjects as more schools switched to the double science option. 

Additionally, and again defying predictions that the EBacc would cause problems, religious studies entries rose by nearly 5%.

More at: Arts defy fears of squeeze (subscription may be required)


Are you surprised by these entry figures and trends or do you fear the impact of the EBacc priorities is still to take its toll?

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  1. MikeHaines20

    SchoolsImprove That’s good news – do we know what proportion of young people take each of the arts subjects?

  2. helenreesbidder

    SchoolsImprove The impact of government policy won’t be evident in this year’s entries. Look at numbers opting in Y10 this year.


    helenreesbidder SchoolsImprove Correct about next year, EBacc will kick in and no room now for complacency about value of art and design

  4. JennyCameron

    SchoolsImprove This year is not the issue – next year is. 48 entries for drama this year. 21 next. Go figure.

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